Does the SkinXL Lip Plumper hurt when applied?
No way! If anything, the tingling sensation you’ll feel when you apply your gloss is more pleasurable than uncomfortable. You’ll feel the blood flow increasing in your lips creating instant fullness with zero pain.

How long will my fuller lips last?
Results can vary, but you can expect your fullness to last around 6-8 hours. Feel free to re-apply regularly whenever you want an extra boost to your pout.

Can I use the gloss more than once a day?
Of course. Apply it all day for non-stop fullness and shine.

I’ve always wanted fuller lips but am too scared to get collagen injections. Will this product work for me?
YES! We want women to skip the surgeon altogether and try this gloss out instead. You’ll get all the fullness you’d gain from collagen injections without any of the risk or cost. This is a safe and natural alternative that will create beautiful full lips for any woman. Best of all – you control the results.

Can I use this if I’ve had dental work?
Yes. If used correctly, this product shouldn’t interfere with any dental work. Please check with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns.

What if I don’t like the product?
We’re sure you’ll love your SkinXL lip plumping system, but we do have a money back guarantee in place just in case. All products can be returned for a full refund within 99 days.

How does it work?
It’s simple. SkinXL uses Hyaluronic Spheres, an advanced technology which draws moisture in from the surrounding air, puffing out your lips and giving them a lusciously full appearance. The gloss also includes a peptide, which stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid to increase smoothness and plumpness. Vitamin E is added to seal in moisture and improve the health of your skin.

How much should I use?
A small amount of the gloss covering the surface of your lips will give you results within three to five minutes. You can reapply at your discretion throughout the day.

Is it safe?
Yes. The SkinXL lip plumping system is completely safe and contains no harmful ingredients.

Is it a lip gloss?
It’s more than just a lip gloss. It’s a lip plumping system that will bring shine and gloss to your lips while increasing their size.

Is it permanent?
No. Your plumper lips should last around 6-8 hours; then your lips will return to their normal size.

Can I use this with lipstick?
Yes. You’ll find that using the plumper alongside your normal lipstick will give you more beautiful lips than ever before, and add shine to the lipstick’s color.

Can I use it while pregnant?
This lip plumper contains no harmful ingredients or parabens, However we advise you consult your doctor before use while pregnant.

What color is the gloss?
The lip plumping gloss is clear, so you can wear it with any makeup to complete your look.

Please consult with your doctor before using any new enhancement product to ensure that the product is right for you.